2017 Gold Winners

 Business Battle
 Wrainbo (Corporate) Click Here

 Child Witness Interview Simulator for UK Police developed
 HighSkillz with The Open University UK (Corporate) Click Here

 Strike Group Defender
 Office of Naval Research, MIT Lincoln Laboratory, Pipeworks Studio and Metateq (Government/Military) Click Here

 DragonBox BIG Numbers
 WeWantToKnow AS (K-6 Ed) Click Here

 Sim Cell
 Strange Loop Games for Touch Press Games (7-12 Ed) Click Here

 Future Smart
 EverFi (7-12 Ed) Click Here

 Variant: Limits
 Triseum (Higher Ed) Click Here

 Delirium Experience, a game to create efficiency in elder care
 IJsfontein and the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam (Healthcare) Click Here

 Ace Academy: Black Flight
 Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation (Museum) Click Here


2017 Silver Winners

 Cloud Defense: a Cyber Security Game
 Gronstedt Group for Intuit (Corporate) Click Here

 Zero Threat
 Euklela and Preloaded (Corporate) Click Here

 TD Digital Service Hero
 TD Bank (Corporate) Click Here

 Therapeutic Communication and Mental Health Assessment
 A collaboration between Centennial College, George Brown College and the Digital Education Strategies Team within the Chang School of Continuing Education at Ryerson University (Healthcare) - a Learning Modules and Simulation Game Click Here

 Crash Cart
 Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Simulation Learning Education and Research Network by Engineering & Computer Simulations (Healthcare) Click Here

 Morbus Delirium
 Montreal Science Center and Affordance Studio (Museum) Click Here

 TVO mPower
 TVO (K-6 Ed) Click Here

 Summer Slugger
 EverFi (K-6 Ed) Click Here

 Mission US: Up from the Dust
 THIRTEEN/WNET New York Public Media (7-12 Ed) Click Here

 Advance U: The Talent Machine
 K20 Center at The University of Oklahoma (7-12 Ed) Click Here

 Triseum (Higher Ed) Click Here

 The Next Big Thing- Small Business and Entrepreneurship
 Toolwire (Higher Ed) Click Here


2017 Bronze Winners

 Elevator Game, designed for information security awareness
 IJsfontein and CIO Platform Nederland (Corporate) Click Here

 Financial Statements
 Practising Law Institute (Corporate) Click Here

 Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)
 Virtual Technology Center for the Dubai Police (Government) Click Here

 The Primary Care Office Visit: Antibiotics
 Kognito for The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Healthcare) Click Here

 Immersive Play Pte Ltd, and the Institute of Mental Health, Singapore (Healthcare) Click Here

 License to Krill: A Whale Feeding Adventure Game
 Royal Ontario Museum (Museum) Click Here

 Nancy Drew: Codes & Clues
 HeR Interactive (K-6 Ed) Click Here

 Garfield vs. Hot Dog
 Catventures and Grendel Games(7-12 Ed) Click Here

 Future Goals
 EverFi (7-12 Ed) Click Here

 Paper Trail
 K20 Center at The University of Oklahoma (Higher Ed) Click Here

 Appraise: The Organizational Assessment Game
 Ei Games for Arizona State University (Higher Ed) Click Here


2017 Gold Board Game Winners

 Workz (Business) Click Here

 Warrior Spirit Mission Homefront Reintegration & Resilience
 Trance4mation Games (Healthcare) Click Here

 Catlilli Games (K-6 Education) Click Here

 Cards Against Calamity
 1st Playable for the Environmental Law Institute (ELI) and National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (Museums and Visitor Centers) (Museums) Click Here


2017 Silver Board Game Winners

 Will it [BLANK] ?
 Catlilli Games (K-6 Education) Click Here

 Recharge Beyond the Bars: the Reentry Game
 Trance4mation Games (Government) Click Here


2017 Bronze Board Game Winners

 Save that Sale!
 Silly Monkey (Business) Click Here

 Catlilli Games (K-6 Education) Click Here


2017 Gold Student Winners

 Gold - Angle Jungle
 Jibran Khan, Jun Wang, Xueyang Wang, Yonglin Wang - Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center (K-6 Education) Click Here


2017 Silver Student Winners

 Silver - Smash
 Team Athena - Entertainment Technology Centre (K-6 Education) Click Here


2017 Bronze Student Winners

 Bronze - Treasure Key
 Lina Angel, Todd Heino, and Rodolfo Magasrevy- University of Miami (K-6 Education) Click Here