Webinar: How I Spent 35 Years Teaching Children to Respect Each Other

How I Spent 35 Years Teaching Children to Respect Each Other
Even When They Disliked Each Other
Free Webinar by a Serious Play Conference Partner/Speaker:
Date: Sunday, Oct 25, 2020
Time: 10 a.m. EDT / 7 a.m. PDT
Today’s world is screaming for compassion and respect. I spent 35 years teaching my students that your feelings about someone should not change how you should treat that person. By fostering community, modeling respect, and teaching responsibility, I was able to create a classroom of considerate, compassionate students who worked hard to make everyone successful and comfortable. Come learn how you, too, can create the leaders our world needs today.
Lisa Parisi is a newly retired, award winning, veteran teacher. She worked for 35 years as an elementary educator, gifted educator, science lead teacher, union representative/vice president, and teacher trainer. She is the co-author of Making Connections with Blogging: Authentic Learning for Today’s Classrooms, a Global Teacher Prize finalist, an ISTE award winner, a Google Innovative Educator and a CAST.org UDL trainer. Using UDL, Responsive Classroom, read alouds, PBL, and respect for her students, she created a cohesive, compassionate class year after year. Her students, under her tutelage, were responsible for building a well in Africa with Ryan’s Well, saving black rhinos, helping rebuild schools in Haiti, eliminating straws from their cafeteria, and teaching their school about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, designed to save the world.
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