Gamification for Talent Development:  Deconstructing the Psychology of Games To Entice, Engage and Encourage Learners:  Jonathan Peters, Sententia Games

Gamification for Talent Development: Deconstructing the Psychology of Games To Entice, Engage and Encourage Learners

Wouldn’t it be great to know how to introduce a gamification dimension into the training programs you create or contract to have designed? In this session, you will learn why mechanics that make games engaging and addictive and understand when and how they can improve your learning programs.

The webinar will introduce you to the 5-step process of gamifying a training program.

You’ll learn how to:

  • 1. Identify what motivates learners to engage with your content
  • 2. Weave analogies and stories to make training stick – so players remember principles and transfer skills to real world scenarios
  • 3. Identify the type of game elements and game mechanics you could be using in your program
  • 4. Construct or direct the construction of a consistent, attractive – even charming and captivating – cohesive training program
  • 5.  Avoid the four reasons gamified programs fail
  • 6.  Answer the question: Will my training be fun for learners?