How Master Teachers Use Games:  Matt Farber, Valleyview Middle School/New Jersey City University

Game-Based Learning: How a Group Of Ed Tech Teachers Make it Work

How are educators using games in their classrooms to give students agency, while also teaching 21st Century skills of empathy, systems thinking, and design thinking? This question has motivated Dr. Matthew Farber’s research about educators who are experts of game-based learning, and now informs his current inquiry into teachers who view themselves as learning designers. Farber will share findings from his dissertation research, which was expanded to a forthcoming book, Game-Based Learning in Action: How an Expert Affinity Group Teaches with Games (Peter Lang Academic, 2017). The book is about how one particular affinity group of K12 educators—known as “The Tribe”—teach with games. It details how classrooms of expert game-based learning teachers functions—from how they rollout games to how they assess learning outcomes.  Matthew Farber teaches social studies at Valleyview Middle School, in Denville, New Jersey. Mr. Farber is currently a Doctoral Candidate in Educational Technology Leadership at New Jersey City University. His book, Gamify Your Classroom: A Field Guide to Game-Based Learning, from Peter Lang Academic, is available from Amazon.