Neurons Sparking:  A Three Step Method For Using Game Design to Teach Science:  M A Greenstein, MaMaxStudio

M A Greenstein helps us discover how games can make the teaching of science, more engaging and help students achieve a higher level of retention. Presented on Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 10 a.m. PST/1 p.m. EST.

During this webinar, participants will discover three principles drawn from neuroscience research that influence the deep mechanics of student and popular brain games: the Rewards Algorithm, the N­Backing Algorithm, and the Priming Algorithm. You will also learn three principles of design thinking and story­telling used by students to generate games shown to attract the interest of the brain: Defining Your Time/Space Continuum, Drawing Your Wayfinding Map and strategizing outcomes for overcoming your Achilles Heel.

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Bio on Speaker:

M A Greenstein an internationally recognized researcher, author and experience designer who has been at work developing cross­sector teams and cross­cultural understanding over the arc of her career. A long standing member in the Los Angeles and AsiaPacific arts, design, tech and science community, Dr Greenstein specializes in knowledge transfer of cognitive neuroscience. A former Fulbright Scholar, Dr Greenstein is on the faculty at ArtCenter College Design in Los Angeles and is the founder of GGI and the co­founder of RotoLab, two companies informed by video game mechanics.