Positive Teen Development Through Games:  Heidi McDonald, iThrive

Positive psychology practices promote positive youth development, but how can these practices be embedded in games? iThrive Games is an organization dedicated to finding out, and to leveraging the power of meaningful gameplay to empower youth with important positive psychology practices to help them thrive as adults. This webinar will share more about iThrive and all the initiatives we are undertaking to encourage the growth of positive psychology games across the entire games industry.

Heidi McDonald is a narrative, features and systems designer. she currently does client-side creative direction for iThrive, and works on several side projects. Residing in the Los Angeles area, McDonald has dedicated her career to the idea that games can be a force for positive change in human beings. She is chaotic good, a wearer of magnificent hats, a goth pirate adventuress, a shameless practical joker and singer of karaoke, and someone who seeks to fill the world with more joy, cupcakes and corgis.