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New Metaari Forecast for Worldwide 2020-2025 Game-Based Learning Market Shows
North America Sales Will Soon Outstrip Asia Pacific as Game Revenues in China Slow

ORLANDO – April 30, 2020 – Revenue from the Game-based Learning Industry continues to have a phenomenally high growth rate – 27.% – projected for the next five years, suggesting sales will more than quadruple to $28.8 billion by 2025, according to Metaari, the most prominent analyst firm in the serious games industry. The two largest markets continue to be North America and Asia Pacific, with North America surging ahead by 2025.

Asia Pacific was the top buying region in 2020 but will fall to second after North America by 2025, due to regulations that have been imposed on game publishers in China in the last two years. China now requires all games – educational and entertainment titles – to pass content review and obtain publishing licenses (discussed in detail in the report). In the education market, China imposes screen time rules for elementary and even college age products, for instance, enforced with facial recognition software.

Revenues for serious games in Western Europe will be on par with Asia Pacific by 2025.

The U.S. will be the top buying country for the next five years, according to Metaari. The growth rate for serious games in the U.S. in 2020 will be a robust 29.2%. Revenues will reach $7.5 billion by 2025. The sharp uptick in Game-based Learning in the U.S. is no longer being driven by the consumer purchase of educational games, a leading trend in recent years, but by the rapid acquisition of business simulations, cybersecurity training games and pre-employment assessment and evaluation games in the corporate segment.

Metaari’s new The Worldwide 2020-2025 Game-based Learning Market report includes a list of serious games suppliers in 126 countries and a detailed revenue and trends forecast for the 63 countries that represent by revenue the best opportunities for game suppliers. Reviewed in detail are 10 countries in Africa, 12 countries in Asia Pacific, 8 countries in Eastern Europe, 9 countries in Latin America, 7 countries in the Middle East, 2 countries in North America, and 15 countries in Western Europe.

Metaari’s 612 page Worldwide report can be purchased as a whole or by country and purchased from Serious Play Conference now here

Metaari will also be producing a U.S, 2020-2025 Game-Based Learning Market in June, another tome with 230 pages, 31 forecast tables and 13 charts. covering market segment size and growth rates; an analysis of the catalysts driving the market; and both a demand and supply-side analysis, providing investors and publishers with the ability to choose high-yielding opportunities. Over 800 US suppliers are cited in the report, along with news on their primary products.

Metaari tracks product announcements, acquisitions, funding and private investments made to learning technology suppliers from more than 40 secondary sources globally, sourcing from press releases, game industry news sites, company financial reports, investment firm sites, edtech funder sites, edtech accelerator sites, and startup news portals as well as doing targeted searches on specific developers and publishers.

Sam Adkins, principal analyst, Metaari, will be reviewing highlights of the U.S. report and answering questions during his online evening keynote at Serious Play Conference, Wednesday, June 24. All 100 + sessions at Serious Play Conference this year will be offered online. Sessions of the conference are also being recorded for resale this year.

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