Eleven Board Games Designed for Use in Education or Training
Recognized for Excellence in Serious Play’s Award Competition
LOS ANGELES – August 13, 2019 – Eleven Board Games designed for use in education or training have been cited for excellence in the 2019 Serious Play Award Competition.
Gold Medals were awarded to:

  • Cryptocurrency, a game that puts players in a competitive race to make the most amount of money from trading and mining cryptocurrencies while avoiding cryptocurrency scams. The game was developed for higher educational uses by Capital Gains Studio.
  • LURN: A Classroom Management Game, a collaborative board game developed for teachers-in-training to simulate critical moments in the K-12 classroom, enabling them to practice and discuss how best to handle challenges involving students, and react quickly and appropriately once their teaching careers begin. Developed for higher educational uses by Carnegie Mellon University.
Silver Medal status went to:

  • Alegoria, a game to help healthcare professionals in medicine, nursing, pharmacy or other areas of patient care learn how to deliver compassionate conversation. The game was developed by Rapids, Inc.
  • Debtzilla, a game where players take on the role of superheroes working together to manage their finances, making buying, borrowing and repayment decisions in order to rid their city of crime. Developed for higher educational uses by Capital Gains Studio.
  • Make your Mark, a game for new employees that combines augmented reality with classical board game elements. Employees learn the three major phases of the company’s value chain. Developed by &ranj Serious Games
  • Ready Rufus: Find the Professor, a game to help increase basic knowledge about home treatment, the importance of dental hygiene and safe participation in sports for children with Haemophilia and their families. A health and wellness board game developed by P K Consulting and Aktiv Research.
Bronze Medal recognition went to:

  • Dwell™, a roleplaying game in which players are exposed to (the lack of) choices those living in poverty face. Developed by the University of Miami as an educational tool to increase sensitivity and empathy toward those struggling with economic uncertainty and the difficulties they face day to day.
  • Eradicate!, teaches about the transmission of disease passed through mosquitoes while also introducing ways to prevent mosquito habitat and population proliferation. A Games for Good entry created by NERDLab Miami.
  • Russia’s Great War: 1914, a game where players learn the importance of the Eastern Front in WWI while facing the challenges of the opposing army commanders in 1914. Developed for higher educational uses by Lombardy Studios.
  • The Breakthrough Game, created to teach participants the scientific process of generating new innovations by taking them through an ideation session in a box. Developed by Prof. Ethan Mollick of the Wharton School and Justin Gary of Stoneblade Entertainment.
  • Your Time, a game used for training in corporate environment during which participants learn to distinguish between important and urgent tasks and about the need for work-life balance. Created by MindLab, a development firm based in Poland.

Winners are given a chance to attend Serious Play Conference Events and display their games. The location for the 2020 conferences will be announced in November 2019. For more information, go to www.seriousplayconf.com.

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