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Video Set on Healthcare Training Covers
Games, Simulations, In-house Production

SANTA MONICA, CA – August 25, 2020 – A set of 17 recordings on the use of game-based learning for healthcare professional and patient instruction is now available from Serious Play Conference for only $175.

The 45 min.–1 hour videos provide a good overview on how game-based learning are best used, provide tips on best practices for both professional training and patient instruction.

Sessions were recorded by trainers in hospital settings or consultants who share the challenges of developing and using serious games and simulation training programs, many of them inhouse. Topics include creating simulations in house, distance training for multi-hospital staffs and measuring effectiveness of training programs. A few of the sessions included in the collection:

“How Games Work Well (and Get Funded) for Healthcare Training”
Richard VanEck, Associate Dean for Medical Education, University of North Dakota

“Why Game-based Learning Will Thrive in the Post Pandemic Surge of Distance Learning”
John Findlay, LemonadeLXP

“How We Handled Essential ICU Nurse Training Forced Online During the Pandemic”
Brandon Baker, Advent Health University; Daniel P. Mapes, Full Sail University

“Serious Games for BioDefense”
David Metcalf, UCF IST, Metil Lab

“Measuring Effectiveness in Healthcare Simulations”
Jeffrey Berkeley, Mimic Simulation

“From Game Design to In House Production in 4 Months”
Angela Malicki, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Nursing Professional Practice

“How to Record, Measure, Aggregate and Analyze Data from VR, AR and MR Experiences”
Harsev Oshan, Cognitive3d0

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