Q: How do I apply to be a speaker?  When is the deadline?

A: Speaker submissions are being accepted now. By January, more than 75% of the program will be full, and most applications after that will be for cancellations only. To assure that you have the best chance of being accepted, apply by Dec. 1. Use the pull down under SPEAKER on the home page for either event to get to the form. Speakers accepted for the conference will be notified by email.
Q: What platform will be used for speaker presentations?

A: In 2020, we used Zoom.  A final decision on platform will be made by February.  Recommendation: Download anything you want to use to your desktop. Provider Internet service is not always stable.
Q: Will I be able to make any changes to my submission closer to the event?

A: Yes, if you need a change, email the executive director before May 1: sue@seriousplayconf.com.
Q: Can I add a co-presenter?

A: Yes, you can have a co-presenter if your presentation requires that. You will be asked to pay $100 to cover our hard and meal costs when you confirm your attendance.



Q: What networking opportunities will I have?

A: In addition to breaks between sessions, time is allotted for Opt in networking sessions at lunch and at the end of the day. At lunch. You can join a group of people with like interests. 

Another popular Serious Play Conference feature has always been Game Night. Exhibitors and Winners of the International Serious Play Awards (both digital and tabletop) are invited to participate in the conference and show their games.
Q: Is the conference all lectures, or are there interactive sessions?

A: We have both informational talks and workshops. We are also encouraging speakers to allow time for questions.

Q: Is there any way to get a lower priced ticket?

A: We try to make attending Serious Play available for everyone. If you missed the least expensive pricing, and are paying your own way, you may apply as a Volunteer. Go to the ATTEND pull down and fill out an application.
Q: Do students get a discount?

A: Yes, student tickets are sold at a reduced price.
Q: How much does it cost to attend?

A: Pricing is based on the type of organization you represent. Go to the Attend button at the site and click on the pull down Prices and Passes. Then click on Register and it will click through to the Eventbrite Registration page.
Q: What does my registration include?

A: Your registration provides you with access to all sessions, sponsored product demos and networking opportunities all three days.  It does not cover Pre or Post COnference workshops, which are run by indepentent vendors.
Q: When will I receive my confirmation?

A: Your seat will be confirmed when you can register.  You will not receive your Personal Conference ID/password until a few weeks before the conference.   If you are having a third party pay for your ticket, Payment will need to be received before your ID/Password is paid.
Q: When are exhibits open?

A: Virtual Exhibits will be open throughout the entire conference. Attendee to browse before sessions begin in the morning, long breaks, lunch hour and end of day.

During the sessions, your staff may wish to attend programs. Your equipment can be left, as we will have registration staff at all time.

If you are exhibiting a board or digital game, you can also participate in Game Night.

Q: When is exhibitor set up?

A: EXhibits and Sponsored Demos can be set up 30s before the conference.

Q: I have another type of question. Who can I contact?

A: Email the executive director: sue@seriousplayconf.com

Or call (310) 721 9083 (West Coast time)