Serious Play Academy Guynup Workshop Order

Learn to Use, Teach Courses or Workshops in VR/Web3D

Saturday, April 3 from 10 am to 3 pm EST (GMT-5) 

This is a hands-on workshop run live in FrameVR, a free multiuser WebGL platform. Our goal is to set you up to craft your own experimental classes and small group workshops, focused on the subject of your choosing.  

In a series of 3D class spaces, we will explore:

  • VR Ice Breakers
  • In-World Learning Activities
  • Small Scale Construction of Virtual Artwork and Poetry
  • Immersive Presentations
  • Discussion and Quiz Boards
  • Use of VR Story Mazes
  • Development of Your Own VR Workshops & Classes

A 5 hour Academy Course (with an hour lunch break)

All the assets used in workshop, including Story Mazes, Starship-Class Space and Quiz Boards, are free to download. VR headsets are useful, but not required. The core FrameVR construction tasks require a desktop PC or Mac. Use on an iPhone (without a headset) will be touched on.
To develop your creativity, we offer the simple concept: that virtual art installations and experiences are not so different from virtual educational installations and experiences. By embracing the freedom inherent in art and storytelling, we hope to open the doors to your own innovative self. To frame your creativity towards functional outcomes, we will connect your art to concepts from game design, HCI/usability, and early cinema.
Dr. Steve Guynup, an award-winning artist, educator, developer, and 25+ year veteran of VR, has run 8-week Summer workshops on VR Art & Design in VR/Web3D for students from multiple universities and art institutes for 10 years. 
Adam Walker, a VR artist with 10 years of experience as both a student in and consultant for online web3D classes.

Serious Play Academy Guynup Workshop Order
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