Students in Eight College Game Programs
Win Awards for Serious Games
LOS ANGELES – July 9, 2019 – Students in eight college game and interactive media programs have been cited for development of serious games in the International Serious Play Awards program.
Gold Medals were awarded to:

  • Archipelayo, a series of mini games designed to be used as physiotherapy for children with Cystic Fibrosis — a life limiting genetic disease. The condition causes thick sticky mucus to build up in the lungs and digestive system which in turn causes many health risks. The game was created by students at Abertay University, Scotland, working with Microsoft and University College London’s Project Fizzyo
  • Code Red, a crisis management training tool with the core objective of improving decision making under pressure. The training game was also created by students at Scotland’s Abertay University in cooperation with Coca-Cola HBC
  • Lease on Life, a game whose learning objectives are to give users a sense of how healthcare decisions affect the lives of those with chronic illnesses, developed by Kathryn Jostes for her Elon University Interactive Media MA Program

Silver Medal status went to:

  • Canning Heroes, a game that teaches players how to prepare food for preservation. The game is designed to complement a physical space, Minnetrista, that informs visitors about the history, processes and importance of food preservation particularly in the early 20th century. Created by students at Ball State University working with Minnetrista.
  • Making First Impressions, a game that helps students develop skills to handle difficult situations while maintaining a positive relationship with your boss and colleagues. Created by students at North Carolina State University in conjunction with the NC State Global Training Initiative

Bronze Medal recognition went to:

  • A Beautiful Story, for everyone who wants to believe in love and would go to great lengths to keep it alive. By modeling the mechanisms of abuse, A Beautiful Story aims to contribute to the choir of wake-up calls that help survivors find a way out of difficult situations by having a strong support network. Created by students working with Deep Games Laboratory
  • Boccia Champions, a game which can be played by anybody, regardless of ability or physical condition. The game strives to create a simulation of the paralympic sport boccia game, focusing on three important aspects: accessibility, competitiveness and sociability. Developed by students at Abertay University for Children’s Hospices Across Scotland
  • BROKE: The Game, a mobile game to promote empathy for people living in poverty. The goal of the game is to create awareness and eliminate false stereotypes and prejudices among students or professionals who interface with poverty. The game was created by students at Carnegie Mellon University for Dana Gold, the creator of the original board game, “The Poverty Spiral”

Winners will be given a chance to attend this summer’s Serious Play Conference Events and display their games. This year conferences will be held at the University of Central Florida (UCF) July 24-26, 2019 and the University of Quebec at Montreal (UQAM) July 10-12.

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