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MRI Game for Children Wins 2021 Serious Play Awards
LOS ANGELES – July 13, 2021 – The International Serious Play Awards Program, honoring designer and developer innovation, has named games worthy of honors in the healthcare category. The lead developers at the gold medal studio, X, have been invited to demo games there at Serious Play Conference on Friday, June 25 2021 and will receive a free conference registration. 
This year’s gold winner is:
  • Ready Teddy, a serious game and MRI training for children 6-10 years old that habituates children to an MRI procedure and trains them to stay still in a simulated MRI environment. The goal is to educate children about the process of the procedure and teach them helpful tactics to remain still so quality images are acquired. Ready Teddy was developed by Lumeum Inc., collaborating with Dr. Jeffrey Gold, Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, and Marientina Gotsis, Director of the Creative Media and Behavioral Health Center, USC. 
This year’s silver winners:
  • PlayTest! By Tyra Pendergrass Boomer, in association with Schell Games & play2PREVENT Lab at The Yale Center for Health and Learning Games, is a role-playing game aimed at high school students. The decision-making game is meant to advocate for personal health in teenagers and help increase the use of school-based health centers for HIV testing and sexual health counseling.
  • Clinic Immersive by Jim Kiggens, InciteVR(Developer/Publisher) for Purdue University Global, School of Nursing is a training game aimed at nurse practitioner students. It is meant to help them develop and demonstrate clinical lab skills using the Oculus Quest mobile VR, using hand tracking inputs to practice their abilities in guided or expert modes.
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