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New Game to Help Increase Vocabulary for Users of All Ages
Awarded Honors in International Serious Play Competition
LOS ANGELES – July 13, 2021 – OtherWordly, a game that combines the cleverness of a crossword puzzle with the agility of a matching game from Idea Games has been recognized for excellence in the annual 2021 International Serious Play Awards Program.
OtherWordly invites players to expand their vocabularies by flinging core words into a galaxy of words within a visually rich, dynamic space inhabited by friendly robots, aliens, and other celestial creatures. The game focuses on word meanings – not spelling – and delivers a rewarding player experience with words that may be familiar, vaguely familiar or completely unfamiliar. Players follow a narrative, meeting evolving challenges and winning digital rewards.
This puzzler has modes for varying levels of English proficiency, making it valuable for everyone from children and non-native speakers to puzzle enthusiasts and expert wordsmiths. A “kids” mode contains words suitable for grades 1-6 and kid-themed topics; a “learners” mode is adaptive, with 10 tiers of language difficulty. The game adjusts to the fluency of the player.
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