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Four Educational Tabletop Games Awarded for Excellence
In International Serious Play Competition
LOS ANGELES – July 20, 2021 – Four tabletop games designed for education have been awarded honors in the annual 2021 International Serious Play Awards program.
Gold medal awards went to:
  •  Dirty Money, a card game designed to educate students in Higher Ed about money laundering by gamifying its three stages. Capital Gains Studio Pte Ltd developed Dirty Money to create awareness and combat the rise of money laundering.
  • The Run Around, a tabletop board game, is focused on raising awareness about inequities in the juvenile justice system and the need to support the mental health of youth of color in the system and Department of Youth Services. The Run Around was developed to encourage empathy and change. It was created by youth designers in partnership with the nonprofit iThrive Games, Transition HOPE, AGNCY, and Lesley University, with funding from William T. Grant Foundation and DN Batten Foundation.
Bronze medal awards went to:
  • Election Lab, a swing-state strategy game that uses actual polling data to recreate election scenarios from history. Indelible Learning, Inc. developed Election Lab to invite players to exercise data literacy and encourage young people to vote.
  • Berrymandering, a strategy game designed to raise awareness about gerrymandering for ages 8 and older. Berrymandering is a two-player game where players must group together berries on a cake by utilizing gerrymandering tactics, created by Tessellation Games LLC.
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