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Four Games Focused on STEM Learning for K-12 Education Cited
In Serious Play’s 2021 International Award Competition 
LOS ANGELES — July 27, 2021 — Four games designed to build skills in STEM in K-12 students have been cited for excellence in the 2021 International Serious Play Awards Program. 
In the K-12 STEM category, Silver Medals went to the following: 
  • Hero Elementary: Operation Investigation, a multi-platform educational game for children in grades K-12 that teaches science and literacy learning. Hero Elementary resources include animated video, live-action video, songs and the digital and analog games. Operation Investigation was developed by Twin Cities Public Television, Filament Games, Two Moos and Glitch. 
  • Cyberchase: Fractions Quest. Third and fourth-grade students swipe, tap and slice their way through the levels, developing their knowledge of fractions and skills as they work to defeat the villain Hacker! Featuring different worlds and engaging characters, the game is designed to motivate students and increases their confidence in the classroom by improving their understanding of fractions and complicated math. Fractions Quest was developed by FableVision, WNET, and EDC.
Bronze Medal Awards went to the following:
  • Monsters vs. Fractions Episode 2: Food Frenzy, a series of educational web-based games that combine elements of video games, episodic TV shows and animated films with pedagogical structure and methods. The series focuses on fractions, one of the toughest subjects for 3rd-5th graders. The games progress from unit fractions in Monsters vs Fractions Episode 1 to common fractions in Monsters vs Fractions Episode 2. Monsters vs. Fractions was developed by Smart Technologies.  
  • Cyberchase: Echo Explorers, a game that aims to engage children ages 6-8 in math and environmental learning, inspiring them to care for their planet and approach math with enthusiasm, confidence, and a “can-do” attitude. At the heart of the game is a mission-driven narrative involving farmers, bats, dark caves and the use of echolocation. Echo Explorers was developed by WNET in collaboration with Bridge Multimedia, FableVision, and PBS KIDS.  
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