11 Games Created for Use in Corporate or Non Profit Training Programs
Win Awards in Serious Play Competition

ORLANDO, FL – July 8, 2020 – Seven games and simulations created for use in corporate or non profit training programs have been awarded for their excellence in the 2020 International Serious Play Awards Program. 

The following corporate training games won Gold Medals: 

  • Merchants, a Serious Game on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution, an online negotiation course created by Gamelearn, is based on a simulator that recreates six real cases of negotiation in which any employee applies their skills to negotiate, communicate a proposal effectively and resolve conflicts.
  • Pizza Xpress, a management game developed by PepsiCo, Inc. and MPS Interactive Systems designed to encourage maintenance team members to plan and execute processes required to run a pizza restaurant. Learners are able to experiment with personnel allocations for meeting pizza demand, in a risk-free virtual restaurant, with the ability to analyze the realistic outcomes of their decisions.
  • Brave to the Sea, an interactive learning experience developed by Expansão – Experiências de Aprendizagem and designed by Marcelo Eira for self-reflection and development of skills and abilities of a team prepared for the era of Digital Transformation: a world full of change, uncertainty and unforeseen events and of exponential information, in which what has been a success yesterday is no guarantee of success tomorrow.

The following game was awarded Silver Medals: 

  • Introduction to PetroChemicals? Shell Ambassador Game: Shell Chemicals contracted MPS Interactive to design and digitize a new face-to-face board game. In this game created by Royal Dutch Shell and MPS Interactive Systems, the learner travels across three areas of a different planet, interacting with the locals, with the game goal to assess feasibility and desirability of setting up a Chemicals business in one of the regions.

The following corporate training games were awarded Bronze Medals: 

  • Accounting for Empires provides students in the CPA Exam Review Course offered by Becker Professional Education with the opportunity compete individually or as a group to correctly answer CPA Exam style questions in order to build their empires (earning homework credit in the course).
  • Money Experience takes a unique approach to financial education. Developed by Jeet Singh, CEO & Founder of Money Experience, and Mike Young, VP of Product and Design, Money Experience emphasizes quality of life and personal priorities. This life simulator and built-in graphic novel helps users gain perspective on how their choices — fiscal and otherwise — affects their futures.
  • NexAgent by Circadence, an immersive network exploration game, combing education objectives with first-person video game design. This gamified learning platform provides teaches foundational network security skills in an emulated workplace environment.  Publisher is Circadence.

In the Non Profit space, Silver Medals winners include:

  • The Devil’s Calculator an educational puzzle game created to increase math appreciation and excitement with real scholastic merit. The game was developed by Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis and Cinq-Mars Media.
  • Cyberchase: Space Waste Odyssey an educational, STEM-focused learning game created to increase environmental consciousness and confidence solving math problems in young people. Kevin Di Salvo, WNET/Thirteen, Curios Media, Education and Development Center developed the game to build children’s environmental education and critical thinking skills.

A Bronze Medal for Non Profits went to : 

  • The Climate Trail 2.0 an emotional impact game designed for grades 5 and beyond, educating players about the effects of climate change. William Volk, George Sanger and Bryan Kilburn developed the free game to cover topics such as the greenhouse effect and feedback loops.
  • Reentry Challenge an empathy building exercise designed to shape learner’s attitudes around the reentry population, allowing participants to undergo scenarios a previously imprisoned individual may experience when reentering the community. Checkr Partner and Dave’s Killer Bread developed the game for people in a position of influence over hiring decisions or workplace culture.

For information on the International Serious Play Awards, go here: https://seriousplayconf.com/international-serious-play-award-programs/