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2 Serious Games Designed for Military/Government Training Win Awards
in Annual International Competition

ORLANDO — June 21, 2022 — Two educational games developed for Military/Government training have been cited for excellence in the 2022 International Serious Play Awards Program.

Gold Medals went to the following:
  • Street Sense is a hazard perception training application for new drivers or those new to British Columbia to improve their skills at identifying and avoiding hazards on the road. Street Sense is accessible on a computer or virtual reality headset. Street Sense was developed by Project Whitecard through a joint collaboration with ICBC, the Province of British Columbia, and TELUS. It was funded through the Province’s Strategic Investment Fund.

Bronze Medals went to the following:
  • Mage Duel Serious Game – Cradle to Grave Language Acquisition Tool for USAF Language Analysts, is a language learning game designed to improve vocabulary acquisition and translation competency for Department of Defense language analysts. The learning objectives of Mage Duel are accomplished by the integration of learning activities into game play mechanics and by targeted and adaptive delivery of learning content. Mage Duel was developed in collaboration by TUTORWORKS, the US Air Force 517th Training Group’s Linguist Next Program, and AFWERX, the innovation hub of the US Air Force. TUTORWORKS is located in Burlingame, California

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