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The release below announces serious game winners in the Non-Profit sector in our International Serious Play Awards Competition. Hope you will give the winners a boost.

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Five Serious Games Designed for Non-Profit Training Win Awards
in Annual International Competition

ORLANDO — June 21, 2022 — — Five educational games developed for use by Non-Profit organizations have been cited for excellence in the 2022 International Serious Play Awards Program.

Gold Medals went to the following:
  • In 90 Days is a serious learning game that explores the scenarios, trade-offs, dilemmas and decisions that field managers face while responding to crises, The game trains and assists learners to effectively lead humanitarian emergencies. The audience is national staff working in the humanitarian sector, In 90 Days complements the Field managers In Emergencies Learning and Development (FIELD) program. PRELOADED, located in London, England developed In 90 Days with assistance from Save the Children and World Vision.
  • Women in Command: Hybrid Threat Rising is an entry-level wargame developed for players who wish to improve their knowledge of hybrid warfare, cyberattacks, urban and regional combat etc. Women in Command Project aims to put young women leaders who are interested in defense, peace, and security careers into the role of operational control in a conflict situation. KızBaşına, Imaginetic, Women’s Wargaming Network, and Girl Security collaborated on Women in Command: Hybrid Threats Rising with partial funding from the US Embassy of Ankara. KızBaşına (Just-a-Girl), a social equality NGO based in Ankara.

Silver Medals went to the following:
  • Behind The Light. The Extraordinary Life of Luca Comerio is an applied game providing participants the opportunity to experience the life of Luca Comerio (1878-1940), a famous Italian photographer, filmmaker, and pioneer of documentary cinema. Behind the Light was developed by Idra Interactive Studios from an original idea of Cineteca di Milano and Fondazione VIGAMUS. Idra Interactive Studios is located in Rome, Italy.
  • Selling Dreams is designed to represent the stressors and demands experienced by adults charged with supporting young people in the juvenile justice or child welfare systems. Selling Dreams was conceived, designed, and written by youth (ages 14-25) who have lived experience in these systems and are working to bring awareness to the inherent inequities in these systems. Selling Dreams was developed by SEED Institute, a collaboration of iThrive Games Foundation, Transition HOPE, and BMA TenPoint (Massachusetts, USA).

Bronze Medals went to the following:
  • Outbreak READY! This Digital Readiness and Response Simulation is an innovative tool designed for humanitarian leaders and managers to strengthen the readiness of NGOs to respond to large-scale infectious disease outbreaks in humanitarian contexts. The simulation explores the stressors, challenges, and trade-offs involved in preparing for and responding to infectious disease outbreaks and aims to improve the player’s ability to make data-driven and community-centered decisions to adapt and expand programs in response to an outbreak. Outbreak READY! was developed by the READY initiative in collaboration with &RANJ (located in The Netherlands). The simulation was made possible by the generous support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

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