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Two Serious Games Designed for Higher Education Use Win Gold
In Annual International Competition

ORLANDO — June 21, 2022 — Nine educational games developed for Higher Education use have been cited for excellence in the 2022 International Serious Play Awards Program.

Gold Medals went to the following:
  • Sustainability Management Simulation: Net Zero is designed for students at all levels to experience the challenges and opportunities related to reducing corporate greenhouse gas emissions in line with objectives of the Paris Agreement on climate change, while at the same time managing business performance. Sustainability Management Simulation: Net Zero was developed by Tim Rogmans and is available through Harvard Business Publishing.
  • FluentWorlds App presents learners with 3,000 commonly used English words in a realistic video game setting, FluentWorlds offers 55 different adventures in real-world places and situations. Advanced voice recognition and speech analysis helps users perfect their spoken English accent and pronunciation. FluentWorlds is part of Virtual Immersive Educational Worlds, located in Provo, Utah.

Silver Medals went to the following:
  • SEGAE (Serious Game in AgroEcology) is a digital training tool in the form of a simulation game that helps students and agricultural professionals understand how to implement agroecological practices on a virtual farm and evaluate the impacts of their choices on the economic, social and environmental dimensions of the farm. SEGAE is an “Erasmus+” project funded with support from the European Commission and the Chaire Agriculture Economiquement Intensive (AEI-France). It gathered a consortium of European academic partners: Institut Agro Rennes-Angers (France), Oniris (France), University of Bologna (Italia), University of Liège (Belgium) and the University of Agriculture in Krakow (Poland). Succubus Interactive (France) has designed and developed the serious game in close collaboration with the lecturers and researchers of Institute Agro Rennes-Angers.
  • Contents Under Pressure is a game for higher education students that teaches chemical safety and risk management skills. Contents Under Pressure was developed as part of a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant on Improving Undergraduate STEM Education (IUSE). Filament Games of Madison, Wisconsin collaborated with Rowan College of Engineering at Rowan University on Contents Under Pressure.
  • Conscious Capitalism – Bikes is one of over 30 simulations created by Marketplace Simulations. This simulation challenges students to create and manage a new entrepreneurial venture in an innovative new niche of the bicycle industry. Students deal with ethical, environmental, and sustainability issues in addition to the usual management challenges of running a business. This simulation is based on the Conscious Capitalism movement founded by Dr. Raj Sisodia. Marketplace Simulations is a global company based in Knoxville, Tenn.
  • Group Communication and Decision-Making Simulation: Wildfire Mitigation is a simulation placing participants in a hypothetical scenario replicating a collaborative process for a civic/community issue involving multiple stakeholders with different interests. Participants play one of five members of a wildfire mitigation planning taskforce: This simulation was developed by (San Francisco) and the University of Colorado, Boulder.
  • Space Quest: A Cultural Awareness Game is game based simulation meant to impart the vital skill of cultural awareness to higher-ed students through the lens of emotional intelligence. The cultural awareness game and content was created in collaboration with Dr. Jessica Hirshorn, a noted authority and Fulbright scholar at Arizona State University Space Quest is published by E.I. Games of Miami, Florida.

Bronze Medals went to the following:
  • Crisis in Space (CiS) assesses players’ complex problem-solving ability on two learning objectives defined by the American Colleges and Universities Value Rubric for problem-solving: 1) identifying strategies; and 2) implementing solutions. SNHU Labs, the R&D unit of Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU), designed, developed, and tested Crisis in Space to assess complex problem-solving skills to nurture interest in STEM related fields in young people ages 16 to 24 from underserved backgrounds who are marginally employed or enrolled in school. The project is supported by
  • Reentry Challenge, provides an opportunity for college students to experience, via simulation, the difficulties returning citizens face when attempting to successfully reintegrate into society after time in prison and develop understanding and empathy for those under correctional supervision. Reentry Challenge was developed at Miami University Regionals E-Campus by Tina Riedy in collaboration with Dr. Jessica Warner.

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