Create Serious Games Without Coding

Serious Games
Without Coding

One of our most popular pre-conference speakers, Dr. Paul Pivec of Pivec Labs,
has agreed to offer his Create Serious Games without Coding workshop this spring. 
Attendees will be guided through a rapid
development process for a serious game using
only a drag and drop techniques. This valuable
day that will provide the basic knowledge and
transferable skills attendees can use to make
a serious digital game on any platform. 

Used within education, by indie developers and commercial companies, Unity with the Game Creator plugin enables anyone to drag and drop highly efficient and functional code into their project. This allows anyone, from students and teachers through to commercial developers to decrease their timeline to focus on the aesthetics, mechanics, and learning outcomes of the resulting product. 

Game Creator can also be used as a teaching tool for the programming process. With scripting modules called triggers, conditions, and actions, users can learn about programming logic with variables, collisions, and loops, but only if this is a desired outcome. However, much of this logic will become obvious while using the Game Creator plugin.

This workshop will be engaging and informative and most of all, the attendees will learn easy to use computer-based tools that will let them create their own serious digital game. Game Creator is required for this workshop and can be purchased from the Unity Asset store.

All participants will be provided with the digital assets needed to complete this workshop, totalling over $100 in value, plus a workbook detailing all the examples.

The Learning outcomes for this course are as follows:
• Basic use of the Unity Editor and Installation of Unity Packages
Knowledge and use of Game Creator Triggers, Actions, and Camera Motors
Adding custom characters and triggering animations
Creating interactive Dialogues for in-game characters
Creating and animating Splash Screens and Logos
Adding in-game Videos for additional learning
Configuring and building a Unity game for Desktop platforms

A Certificate of Completion will be presented at the end of the course.

Play the Demo Game Online

For this course, you will need a licensed copy of the following assets:
• Game Creator for Unity
• Dialogue Module for Game Creator
• Action Pack 2 for Game Creator

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(Note: Payment can be done by your organization, but must be completed in time for us to get you any course materials.)  We will issue a confirmation of payment to both the registrant and the payer.

Dr. Paul Pivec has over 30 years in the computing industry and 10 in academia, having experience in Networks, Interface Design, Web and Mobile Programming, and Game Development, and has programmed in most languages including Assembler. Having received honours for his Masters Degree in Game-Based Learning, and a Graduate Diploma in Higher Education, Paul completed a PhD in Frameworks for Serious Games. Now based in Europe, he is combining his knowledge in pedagogy with his development skills to provide multi-user game-based learning for Online Platforms. Paul still finds time to consult to game development companies in both Europe and Asia, he provides tools and resources to game developers worldwide, is actively publishing and presenting at conferences, and is a guest lecturer on an ad-hoc basis.

The session is part of Serious Play Conference’s series of courses on how adding game play elements can improve education and training.

Dates: Friday, April 9, 2021 $300 USD
Time: 8 a.m. – 3 p.m. PDT; 11 a.m. – 6 p.m. EDT