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A Serious Game Designed for Preschool Education Training Has Won a Gold 

in Annual International Competition  


TorontoOctober 11, 2023An educational game developed for Preschool Education training has been cited for excellence in the 2023 International Serious Play Awards Program.  


A Gold Medal went to the following: 

  • Nunaka Developed in partnership with the Sugpiaq people of Alaska, Nunaka is a captivating mobile game designed to engage 3-5-year-olds in exploring Sugpiaq heritage, Sugt’stun language, and school readiness goals. Players assume the role of a Sugpiaq child living in a fictionalized community, immersing themselves in four episodes packed with culturally significant activities and mini-games 


This innovative educational game, developed by Chugachmiut and FableVision Studios, offers a playful way for young learners to acquire valuable skills while celebrating the rich traditions of the Sugpiaq culture. 


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