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Eight Serious Games and Simulations Designed for use in Higher Education Win Awards 

in Annual International Competition  


TorontoOctober 11, 2023Five educational games and three educational simulations developed for Higher Education training have been cited for excellence in the 2023 International Serious Play Awards Program.  


Gold Medals went to the following: 

  • Databytes Inc. – Data Center Management: In partnership with Fire Hose Games, MIT and Clemson University have introduced a series of online courses complemented by interactive learning games to address the needs of remote and MOOC students. These digital games serve as an essential tool for helping students comprehend optics, photonics, and data communication concepts while offering hands-on experiences, especially in understanding intricate data center systems. Designed for undergraduate and community college students, the games encourage multiple plays to cultivate a deep understanding of data center technologies and strategies. 

  • Marketplace Microsimulations ® Marketplace Microsimulations, offering concise, interactive learning exercises for undergraduate business students, is now available for the higher education market. Each Microsimulation, taking just 10-25 minutes, focuses on specific business concepts, providing hands-on practical experience for students. Bundled sets of Microsimulations align with various business courses, enhancing student engagement, knowledge retention and strategic thinking through game-like, problem-solving challenges. 


Silver Medals went to the following titles: 

  • Illuminator – Photonic Circuit Design: Illuminator, a groundbreaking web game developed by Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is set to empower undergraduate engineering students in photonic circuit design. With 17 immersive levels, it introduces electro-optic circuit components for creating on-chip chemical sensors, even welcoming those without prior experience. This innovative game advances the understanding of integrated photonics, offering hands-on learning experiences, and fosters expertise in optical circuitry and chemical sensing, paving the way for the future of microchip technology. 

  • Strategy Simulation: The Five Forces Harvard Business Publishing Education, in partnership with SimCase, has introduced an immersive simulation designed for higher education students to deeply comprehend Michael Porter’s Five Forces framework. This interactive tool places students in industry scenarios where they represent one of the forces, each with varying degrees of power, and challenges them to make decisions in response to discrete industry events. Whether played individually or in teams, this simulation fosters a rich discussion of strategic concepts, industry analysis, and allocentric perspectives, making it a valuable resource for educators across undergraduate, graduate, and executive education levels. 




Bronze Medals were award to: 

  • Invesco QQQ’s How Not to Suck at Money: A Financial Literacy Game for College Students.” Recognizing the dire need for financial literacy among college students, Invesco QQQ collaborated with PRELOADED and LEO Learning (now GP Strategies) to create an innovative, narrative-driven learning game. How Not to Suck at Money empowers students from all backgrounds to enhance their financial acumen, with over 271,000 players so far benefiting from the game’s ‘Learn – Apply – Sustain’ framework. Independent user feedback reveals impressive outcomes, including 90% finding the game helpful and insightful, 86% taking personal finance action post-play, and 91% feeling more informed and confident about their finances. 

  • Reset 2047: A Narrative Game to Learn About Video Game Law: Reset 2047, the digital adaptation of the University of Ottawa’s DRC4731 – Video Game Law course, offers an interactive narrative game that explores the legal aspects of the thriving video game industry. Designed for university students and the general public, this immersive experience delves into key areas of video game law, including creation, marketing, and consumption. With 37 quizzes, 42 documents, and a captivating storyline, Reset 2047 educates while engaging players in the dynamic world of video game law. The game was developed by The University of Ottawa, La Cite, and Ecampus Ontario. 

  • The COTC Student Retention Game: Central Ohio Technical College, led by President Dr. John Berry and Director of Student Retention Troy King, teamed up with E I Games to launch an innovative Student Retention Game. Developed to combat student attrition, this collaboration introduces the COTC Student Retention Game, targeting first-year students with a focus on those from marginalized communities and first-in-family backgrounds. Grounded in extensive research, the game addresses emotional triggers linked to dropout rates among specific demographics, offering a narrative journey and support from COTC alumni. By assuming the role of the university head, players engage in 28 situations that tackle emotional triggers, while an alert system enables real-time support for at-risk students, demonstrating a commitment to student success.” 

  • International Business Simulation: Market Entry: Sim Institute has launched the International Business Simulation: Market Entry, a dynamic learning tool designed to develop essential decision-making skills in international business, strategy, and marketing. In this immersive simulation, learners take on the role of managing a global chain of casual dining restaurants, navigating entry strategies, marketing choices, and operational decisions in 12 countries. By facing challenges, risks, and rewards, learners gain valuable experience in expanding their businesses on the international stage, creating a rich and engaging learning environment. 


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