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Three Serious Games and Simulations Designed for Corporate/Vocational Skills Training Win Awards in Annual International Competition  


TorontoOctober 11, 2023Two educational games and an educational simulation developed for Corporate/Vocational Skills training have been cited for excellence in the 2023 International Serious Play Awards Program.  


Gold Medals went to the following: 

  • Game Changer, developed by TRAINING.GAME, is tailored to support change management processes, Game Changer’s interactive storytelling game features three episodes. As a part of a special task force, players are tasked with preparing their organization for a significant strategic change, complete with puzzles, realistic simulations, and engaging storytelling. Game Changer offers a dynamic and customizable learning experience, empowering employees from all generations to thrive amidst change. 

  • .Plural, Serious Game on Diversity immerses students in the role of Kaiden, an intern at WePlural, a diversity-focused company grappling with internal diversity management issues. Through realistic simulators, Plural guides players to recognize, respect, and promote diversity, fostering inclusive leadership skills. This innovative learning experience is suitable for all individuals, particularly those keen on championing diversity and leaders seeking to become allies. Accessible via the Gamelearn platform, Plural offers a practical, revolutionary, and entertaining approach to understanding and applying diversity principles. 


Silver Medals went to the following: 

  • Rail Experience, an Innovative Mobile Training App for Railway Workers,” Rail Experience, developed in partnership with Captrain Deutschland GmbH, revolutionizes railway worker training by offering accessible and engaging mobile learning. This immersive application enables personalized learning through interactive content, mini-games, and realistic work environment simulations. With the ability to access training content from anywhere, and the option to network with fellow trainees, Rail Experience ensures efficient skill development for prospective railway workers. 


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