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Two Serious Simulations Designed for Non-Profit Training Win Awards 

in Annual International Competition  


TorontoOctober 11, 2023Two educational simulations developed for Non-Profit training have been cited for excellence in the 2023 International Serious Play Awards Program.  


Gold Medals went to the following: 

  • World Ocean Exploreris an innovative 3D virtual aquarium designed for educational exploration of the world’s oceans. With interactive exhibits and a lobby space, visitors can immerse themselves in realistic marine environments, including the DEEP SEA exhibit funded by Schmidt Ocean Institute, showcasing unprecedented deep-sea discoveries off Australia. Targeted at 3rd graders and beyond, this immersive experience offers a range of perspectives on the ocean environment and can be explored through guided tours or user-controlled interfaces. World Ocean Explorer, a project of the World Ocean Observatory, received support from collaborators including the Seth Sprague Educational and Charitable Foundation, Visual Solutions Lab, the Climate Change Institute, the Khaled bin Sultan Living Oceans Foundation, and The Fram Museum Oslo. 

  • Operation Lifesaver Rail Safety Education Allen Interactions partnered with Operational Lifesaver, a national road safety education non-profit, to develop an e-Learning course for truck drivers, replacing time-consuming in-person railroad safety training. The course immerses learners in real-life driving scenarios at railroad crossings, enabling them to experience both worst-case and best-case situations independently. By offering a risk-free environment for decision-making, this training has improved driver performance, potentially saving lives, and includes activities to analyze and respond to situations encountered at railroad crossings, enhancing the meaning of signs and signals in highway-rail grade crossings. 


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