Short Form for Previous Speaker Submissions

You have been a highly rated speaker.  We would love to have you back.  However, submissions are on a rolling application process, so apply as soon as you can.  We begin selecting speakers in October and expect to have 75% of our speakers and a draft program in January.   After that, speaker applications would probably qualify only if we have a cancellation.  

If you’re returning to edit your submission, first login here: Login Page, with the email address and password you used before, and then return to this form.

If you have co-presenters or panelists, please supply their photos and bios at the bottom of this form.
Be as specific about the content as possible. Space in the program is limited. It's more important to be clear than clever.
NOTE: Serious Play does not accept submissions focused on promoting a single game or a company's services. We are interested in speakers with broad knowledge of their topic who will share their successes and failures. Talk about the challenges your area of expertise faces. You may give examples from your company to explain what you set out to do and how you overcame various problems. NOT A SALES PITCH! Attendees are looking for practical advice and lessons learned.
If you would like to organize a panel session, check here and provide a description of the topic. Add the names and contact info for other panelists later in the form.

Co-Presenter Details

We list all talks and workshops under track titles to help attendees select sessions they think they will most benefit from. Please choose the audience you think best fits the content of the talk you are proposing. We will attempt to assign you to that track or your secondary track, which you can list below. You can also note in your session description the audiences that might want to listen in. *
What is the secondary audience your topic addresses? Please choose ONE of the audiences below. *
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If you would like to submit a second, alternate idea, for a session, please click below: (Not usable for submitting panel ideas)

2nd Session

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