Speaker Update

We’re Going Online!

For the last two weeks, we’ve been researching and testing platform options for Serious Play.  With large gatherings unlikely to be comfortable any time soon, even if permitted, I’ve decided to take us online over the same dates.  We can offer a very similar program using webinars (that will also be recorded and posted) with half hour breaks in between sessions, an hour for lunch and evening sessions.

I’m attaching a draft program, updated with some sessions moved around to accommodate West Coast and International speakers.  A panel or two had to go due to the elongated schedule and more workshops were moved to Thursday.  All times are EST.  

Hopefully I moved everyone dialing in from around the world to a slot they can take and not forgotten anyone.  If you are agreeable to give your session online and can do your scheduled day and time, please take a minute to confirm by filling out the short form below.

We will then get back to you with a plan to get your slides downloaded and a practice session the week ahead of the conference or in the half hour between sessions – your choice.

We are considering both Zoom and Microsoft Teams platforms.  If any of you must or strongly prefer one or the platform, let me know in the form.

We have an offer to use a virtual world platform for session delivery, if any of you would like to present in that format.

Thank you for supporting us in this new world. 

Sue Bohle
Executive Director

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