We are currently in the process of creating posts featuring our speakers and their workshops for our social media platforms and we would love your participation! Do you have the capability to record short video segments of yourself?  It can be on your iPhone. We’re suggesting this structure, each one separate, which would give us lots of options: 

1.   Introduction:  Give a brief introduction of yourself. This section will be used for a speaker spotlight so make sure to use this segment to present your background and qualifications. (15 – 30 sec.)

2.  Talk/Workshop Summary: Give brief description of your talk/workshop. This section will either be used for a speaker spotlight or a spotlight on your specific presentation. (30 sec. 1 min.)

3.   Comment on past Serious Play Conference experience or why you think it’s an important conference. (15 – 30 sec.)

In addition to this, if you would like to send over a video featuring a serious game/simulation demonstration that illustrates your talk, that would have the potential of being featured as well. Please accompany this segment with either a video explanation or a voice recording that can be played over the demonstration. We’re planning to try to make posts not just on our Serious Play Conference Facebook and Conference LinkedIn page but also in various other groups to promote our conference!

Video Submissions from Speakers
Video Upload

Maximum file size: 268.44MB