Aditya Vishwanath

Aditya Vishwanath

Co-Founder & CEO
Inspirit (Inspirit Learning, Inc.)

Build Meaningful VR STEM Content: Instructors create VR!

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Aditya Vishwanath is the co-founder and CEO of Inspirit, a virtual STEM simulations platform for K-12 education. He is also a Ph.D. candidate and Knight-Hennessy scholar at Stanford University, where his research focuses on developing technologies that support universal access to immersive learning content. Previously, he co-founded MakerGhat, a research makerspace and incubator for youth from low-income communities in urban Mumbai.

Amrutha Vasan is a co-founder of Inspirit Learning. She currently leads the operations at Inspirit. Her past experiences include consulting, analytics, and supply chain management. She has a background in Industrial & Systems Engineering from Georgia Tech. She decided to leave the corporate world behind and try to make a difference by founding an XR creation platform, Inspirit, to help close the gaps created by socioeconomic differences in STEM education.