Andrew Olson

Andrew Olson

Wargame Design, Futures, & Emerging Technologies
Georgetown University

UX/UI: The battle against 'functions as designed'

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Andrew Olson focuses on Wargame Design, Futures, & Emerging Technologies. He co-designed COMPETITION: AI, a tabletop wargame of investment strategy over near-future military AI technology. [hyperlink to SB and VV]. Leading design and playtesting for Competition: AI. Previously designed and facilitated, Matrix games for Department of State as well as education simulations for Georgetown School of Foreign Service.

Andrew is a graduate of Masters of Foreign Service (MSFS) Program at Georgetown University focusing on genetic editing biotechnology, futures methodologies, and emerging technologies. Previously a research fellow and lab manager investigating genetics of social trust and bio-ethics of genetic editing as well as intern for State Department Office of Science and Technology Cooperation.

He is passionate about encouraging creative and systematic thinking on the impacts of emerging technologies and facilitating effective communications between policy makers, technologists, and the public.