Carlo Fabricatore

Carlo Fabricatore

Serious Gaming, E.H.E. Europa Hochschule EurAka CH, Switzerland

Bolstering Game Design Education through Knowledge Maps

Carlo Fabricatore has a multi-disciplinary background integrating computer science, industrial engineering, game & interaction design, and learning sciences. He holds an associate professorship and leads the Pro-Social Immersive Technologies (PSiT) research incubator at the University of Huddersfield, where he conducts research on the impacts of play and games on learning and the development of social systems and enterprises.

Carlo has a strong industrial track-record working in the fields of IT and digital games. In the game industry he has managed and participated in a variety of projects, for platforms ranging from the Nintendo Gameboy to the Sony Playstation, and collaborating with leading organisations including Nintendo and Atari. In the IT industry Carlo has specialised in software systems and management consulting and coaching, and has collaborated with multinational organisations such as Accenture, Microsoft and the United Nations.

Carlo’s current research studies the use of games to foster learning in formal and informal environments, and the application of game theory, gamified interaction design and game-based learning to enhance social systems, with a specific focus on sustainable development, complex systems dynamics and wicked problems. Since 1996 Carlo has led and participated in trans-disciplinary educational and research projects focussed on games, learning and complex systems, developing international collaborations with organisations including the Interactive Software Federation of Europe, the Learning Development Institute (USA), the Italian National Research Council, Nintendo, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile, the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” (Italy), and the Fielding Graduate University (USA).

Outside of work, Carlo is a keen guitar player, and a passionate sports angler who enjoys venturing remote places in the pursuit of the ultimate immersion in nature.

Specialties: – Game design, Game development, Game-based learning