Daniel Dyboski-Bryant

Daniel Dyboski-Bryant

Co-Founder, Director
Educators in VR

PANEL: Growing Demand for Educators Trained in Immersive VR

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Daniel Dyboski-Bryant is a life-long educator specializing in virtual and augmented reality, immersive technologies, 360 media, teacher training, communication and languages. He speaks 5 languages.

He is a founder and director of Educators in VR, a membership-based community of educators, trainers, researchers and startups who meet, share and collaborate in and with VR and AR across multi-user platforms. Here Daniel is also working on a remote VR learning network. His driving aim is to continually explore, test and develop immersive educational resources and methods that democratize education actually deliver improved learning results.

Recently Daniel joined the board of the Virtual World Society as well as becoming Director of Virtual Education and Platforms there. In this capacity he is involved in shaping their flagship project, the Learning Living Room.

As an VR speaker, trainer & consultant Daniel has spoken about VR for education and training at leading international conferences such as VRX Amsterdam, AWE San Jose; 2020 International Educators in VR Summit; Laval Virtual, VRARA Summit. He gives seminars and delivers training at colleges and universities around the UK. He specializes in remote synchronous teaching and training.

In his work as a lecturer at Coleg Menai, Daniel is developing an education and training VR Lab which hosts a number of innovative projects involving immersive technologies. One project is working towards re-engaging marginal learners with the help of VR. He has recently been awarded the INSPIRE Award for Best Tutor in Wales – Adult Community Learning.