John Kolm

John Kolm

CEO, Team Results USA

Does Game-Based Learning Work For The Human Being?

John Kolm is CEO of Team and Leadership Simulation company Team Results USA, which runs real and virtual retreats for senior teams. He is a career specialist in team and leadership development. Born in Australia, and having served for ten years in the Australian and U.S. intelligence communities, he emerged with a firm conviction that practice and rehearsal is often more effective than lectures and the classroom. John is the author of global best-seller “Crocodile Charlie and the Holy Grail,” a book on success and leadership at work now in its third edition. He also writes for other books and publications, gives conference talks and has appeared on radio, TV and podcasts.

John’s academic background is in math and psychology. He is a graduate of the University of Melbourne and the U.S. National Cryptologic School, and lives in Potomac MD with his wife and son.

Amanda Biller is a career teamwork and leadership specialist, special effects technician, successful manager and businesswoman, performer and accomplished martial artist. She shares the belief that Practice Is The Best Preparation and is the best way to permanently change human behavior.

A graduate in Psychology from St Mary’s College, Amanda also has the academic knowledge to back up 20 years of professional and business experience. She has leveraged this skillset as a teamwork and leadership developer for eight years, while still remaining an active leader in business and special events management so as to keep her own skillsets sharp, relevant and inside reality for clients.