Karen Fleming

Karen Fleming

Clinical Nurse Specialist
University Health Network (UHN)

Virtual Simulation Game to Reduce Racial Inequities

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Karen Fleming: has been a nurse for 20 years and started her career at The Hospital for Sick Children on the Haematology/Oncology unit. She has been in various nursing leadership roles to a simulation educator role, and to her current role as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in the Red Blood Cell Disorders Clinic at University Health Network in Toronto.

She completed her MN in 2011, obtained her CHSE in 2021, and her Masters of Science in Healthcare Simulation in Dec 2021. She strongly believes in the power of education and more specifically, in the power of simulation based education, to activate all 3 domains of learning engaging learners in a way that has the ability to change behaviours.

Karen started her own business, Seamless Healthcare Consulting, in 2022, where she offers consultation for Sickle Cell Disease education and simulation based experiences. She looks forward to having more opportunities to share about the inequities in care for individuals with SCD.