Kat Schrier

Kat Schrier

Associate Professor/Director of Games, Marist College

Designing VR Games for Compassion

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Dr. Kat Schrier is Director of Games/Associate Professor at Marist College. She is also Founder/CEO of PlatyPlay, LLC, which specializes in designing and researching games for learning and inclusion. She has written/edited over 100 works, including We the Gamers (Oxford); Knowledge Games (Johns Hopkins); and the Learning, Education & Games book series (Carnegie Mellon/ETC Press). She is co-PI on a Templeton Foundation grant for VR games and empathy and was a Belfer Fellow for the ADL’s Center for Technology & Society. She previously worked at Nickelodeon, Scholastic, and BrainPOP, and has over two decades of experience with designing apps, games, and websites. She holds degrees from Amherst College, MIT, and Columbia University. Find out more at https://www.karenschrier.com/ and https://gamesforcivics.com/

Karen “Kat” Schrier (she/they) is an Associate Professor and the Director of the Games & Emerging Media program at Marist College. Prior to Marist, she was a media producer for Nickelodeon, Scholastic, and BrainPOP. She currently consults as a Game Designer for the World Health Organization (WHO) and is co-PI on a Templeton Foundation Grant on VR and empathy. She is also Founder/CEO of PlatyPlay, LLC, which specializes in designing games for inclusion and care.

Dr. Schrier is the author/editor of over 100 published works, including We the Gamers: How Games Teach Ethics and Civics (Oxford University Press), the Learning, Education & Games series (ETC Press/Carnegie Mellon), and Knowledge Games (Johns Hopkins University Press). Find out more at https://www.karenschrier.com/ and https://platyplay.com/.