Kimberly Hieftje

Kimberly Hieftje

Asst. Professor, Yale Pediatrics
Director, play4REAL XR Lab
Yale School of Medicine

The Use of AR/VR in Health Applications for Youth

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Kimberly Hieftje , PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and co-director of XRPeds at Yale, an initiative that focuses on the development, evaluation, and implementation of theory and evidence-informed health applications for youth and young adults using augmented/virtual reality and game technology. Over the past 13 years, Dr. Hieftje has worked on many game-based health promotion interventions for youth that have focused on topics such as e-cigarette prevention, tobacco use prevention, marijuana use prevention, HIV/STI prevention, alcohol harm reduction, bystander intervention, LGBTQ bullying, partner communication and health relationships, and building school climate. Dr. Hieftje is also the Editor-in-Chief of the Games for Health Journal, the premier journal in the field of serious games for health.