Laurie Coker

Laurie Coker


Developing a Multisensory App; Challenges; What I Learned

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Laurie Coker earned an EdD from SHSU in the Instructional Systems Design and Technology program. She is a thirty-year retired ELA high school teacher. She has both a passion for technology in education and a drive to find solutions to issues that create obstacles for dyslexia persons. She comes from a long line of people with dyslexia. In 2012, she designed the MagicSpells app to help struggling readers by using multisensory-integrated digital tools to develop the vocabulary necessary to succeed, which would grow to include visual, auditory, and tactile interaction beyond what was currently available. Now, a decade later, innovative technology is finally able to make multisensory, digital, and VR-based vocabulary acquisition possible.

After exploring the haptic-enhanced MagicSpells app, she wants to further her goals by exploring VR and AI – not only for learners with dyslexia but other struggling readers and second language learners. As technology evolves, she would like to be an active participant in creating more innovative and beneficial tools that level the academic and workforce playing fields.

Currently, Laurie lives in South Padre Island, and runs a small bed and breakfast with her partner David, two cats, and her dog Ola.