Layla Sabourian

Layla Sabourian

Chef Koochooloo

Gamifying STEAM Education Through Cooking

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I am an international entrepreneur seasoned with over 20 years of experience in product management, partner marketing, digital media and community development. Prior to founding my own company, I worked with leading tech and media consumer brands both in the US and internationally.

Currently, I am the CEO of Chef Koochooloo, which is using cooking alongside IoT technology to establish the company at the forefront of innovating education. Chef Koochooloo aims to tackle the defects in our modern education system by letting students dive into the truly exciting facets of the world through cooking which is enriched by STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematical learning) content in accordance to the national educational standards for K-8. The company is using advice and mentorship from Dr Michael Brenner (Professor of Science and Cooking at Harvard University) and Dr Richard Zare from Stanford University (Professor of Chemistry and Food Science at Stanford University) to achieve its goals.

I have given public speeches to several notable organisations and figures, including showcasing a consumer-based app (Recalls Plus) in the White House which was attended by the Audience Chief US Technology Officer and 200 government officials. My other public lectures include talking to thousands at the American Chemical Society and Food-bytes, and giving presentations to CBS, Kids Universe TV, and LA Talk Radio Time.