Mark Booker

Mark Booker


How to Include Serious Fun Virtually, In-Person, or Hybrid

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GoodGames offers web-based gamified activities; tools that businesses and organizations use to enhance ideation, solutions discovery, and employee engagement and wellbeing. We are the warm blanket of communication.

Remote and hybrid work has pioneered a welcomed evolution of the modern workforce. That’s why GoodGames has developed numerous game-like experiences that allow your workforce to continue to interact with their colleagues at a high level and, in many cases, get more out of personnel than ever. Our tools are designed to enhance communication providing you with the feedback you need to drive engagement, development, and performance.

We often say that GoodGames has, essentially, gamified the feedback process and we’ve done this with various activities. At its core, we’ve made the feedback generating process more structured but more fun to experience than, say, traditional modes of feedback like surveys. Elements of structure make the feedback you generate more focused on what a particular session is meant to discover. It also better creates consistency which helps train the mind to be better at giving and receiving feedback.