Marryam Chaudhry

Marryam Chaudhry

Founder & CEO

Designing VR Learning Experiences: Lessons Learned

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Marryam Chaudhry has over 25 years of experience (both domestic and international) in the technology-based learning & development realm. In 2019 she founded the company “XR 2 LEAD”, to provide cutting edge immersive solutions (AR, VR, AI, ML, Digital Twins) to the military, defense, and water utility sectors. Marryam was nominated and served as a Judge for the 4th& 5th International VR Awards and holds the esteemed position as Deputy Chair on the’ “XR for Enterprise” committee at the Academy of International Extended Reality (AIXR).

In addition to the defense sector, water resiliency is also a personal interest for she is an active member of the action committee of the World Water Council’s forum and is pushing for an international immersive learning platform on water sustainability.

Prior to XR 2 LEAD, Marryam had founded a very successful training & HR consultancy firm and was exclusively featured in an international women’s CEO magazine for her work. She has worked with clients like Nestle, Haier, Pepsi, Tetra pack, USAID, Volvo, and Nissan, as well as public sector organizations. She has authored an audio/ visual learning program for “Developing a High-Performance Mindset” and was nominated for “The Global Training and Development Leadership Award” in 2017, by the World Training and Development Congress governed by the Global Advisory Council. Her background includes being a certified Change Management Practitioner as well as an executive coach and instructional designer.