Mikel Calvo

Mikel Calvo

Lead VR Designer
Ludus Global

VR Applied to Training: Beyond the Technology

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Mikel Calvo is a professional with a decade of experience designing serious games, vr, advergames and apps. His skills range from design services, UX, user research, instructional design to agile software development.

Co-founder of LUDUS global, a start-up with more than nine years of experience which offers a virtual reality training platform which offers a wide variety of training content in health and safety matters from heavy industry procedures designed to blue collar workers to CPR procedures designed to train all kind of trainees.

LUDUS Global platform is used by more than fifty clients around the world for their training.
In LUDUS Global, Mikel leads the VR Design and QA areas, coordinating and codesigning the platform products. He is a strong believer of the user-centered design and the agile software development to obtain optimal experiences to help learning, training and raising awareness to industrial and sanitary employees.