Nathaniel Torson

Nathaniel Torson

Adjunct Professor/STEM Teacher
Tarrant County College/Creek Valley Middle School

Art Appreciation through a Gaming Lens

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Nathaniel Torson: has been in the multimedia and game design industries for over two decades, and has been teaching those skills for the past decade. He is the author of The Time Traveller’s Companion, an Ennie winning expansion for the Doctor Who RPG by Cubicle 7, helped to design the 11th Doctor Edition of that game, and has a number of other design and editing credits to his name, including The Dwellers Bellow for the Conan RPG, and Barbarians of the Aftermath, a post-apocalyptic expansion for Barbarians of Lemuria.

Nathaniel is currently a professor of Art Appreciation and Digital Media at Tarrant County College. He is also a STEM teacher for the Lewisville Independent School District, where he piloted the Technical Applications program currently used in the district, and designed the Tech Apps, Game Design and Media Design curriculum for that program.

He still makes games in his spare time as a hobby and side-hustle, and is currently working on an educational game to teach football strategy, a western RPG, and a tactical card game that mixes Heavy Metal music, giant robot combat, and wargaming (basically a game design love letter to his long lost 80’s youth)…