Rachel Donley

Rachel Donley

PhD Student

Using 'Values at Play' in Undergraduate Analog Game Design

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Rachel Donley, after managing, building and designing games for three years, decided to carry her experience and nerd-level enthusiasm over to the academic world, earning a master’s in Digital Media at the University of Central Florida in 2020 and now pursuing a PhD in Georgia Tech’s Digital Media program. Prior to her return to academia, Rachel worked on over 15 different escape games and events in a range of roles, including: manager, project lead, designer, and pop star. In the realm of digital games, she developed the game design, art, and narrative of The Clairvoyant AR, an audio-first experience selected as a featured game in the Bose AR exhibit at PAX West 2019.

Rachel investigates the potential in analog games and immersive experiences, using a combination of the physical and digital to craft engaging worlds and narratives for players to explore. Her interests lie in designing meaningful games to inspire change and introspection in players through critical thinking and cooperative play.