Sam S. Adkins

Sam S. Adkins


Catalysts, Purchase Trends, Best Opportunities for Investors and Developers in the 2022-2027 U,S, Game-Based Learning Market

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Sam S. Adkins is the CEO and Chief Researcher at Metaari. Sam has been providing market research on the IT Training and learning technology industries for over twenty years and has been involved with electronic training technology for over thirty-five years. Sam is an expert at identifying revenue opportunities for global learning technology suppliers.

Sam specializes in advanced learning technology research across several technologies including mobile, augmented reality, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, cognitive systems, psychometrics, simulation platforms, robotics, and game engines. Sam is the only analyst in the industry that focuses exclusively on learning technology trends across all the major customer segments including businesses, government agencies, academic institutions, and consumers.

Sam was a business development manager for Microsoft’s Training and Certification group. During his eight years at Microsoft, he managed the Advanced Knowledge Engineering team that built the world’s first commercial online learning business (The Microsoft Online Learning Institute). Prior to that, he was a Senior Instructional Designer at United Airlines. Before United Airlines, Sam was the manager of the Instructional Animation and Graphics Lab at AT&T’s central computer-based training (CBT) facility for four years.