Sasha Kappes Barkhaus

Sasha Kappes Barkhaus

Wargame Design & Divergent Thinking in NatSec
Georgetown University

Learn About, Make Your Own Wargame

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Sasha Kappes Barkhaus focuses on Wargame Design & Divergent Thinking in NatSec. She co-designed COMPETITION: AI, a tabletop wargame of investment strategy over near-future military AI technology. [hyperlink to Andrew and Vikram]. Leading business development for Competition: AI to reach public and private sector customers.

Sasha is a candidate in the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University focusing on technology, cyber, and business. Passionate about divergent thinking and collaboration in security– of course starting with wargame design and crisis simulations. Co-founded Strategists & Dilettantes, a boutique design brand satirizing security theorists.