Tobi Saulnier

Tobi Saulnier

1st Playable

Avoiding the Tower of Babel: Best Practices for Interdisciplinary Teams

Tobi Saulnier founded 1st Playable Productions in 2005, inspired by the potential of video games to educate and make a positive impact. Her fascination with technology fueled her PhD in Electrical engineering and her early research career at GE Research, where she led initiatives in embedded systems, new product development, and software quality.  She went on to ship 60 games as VP Product Development for Vicarious Visions, and over 100 to-date through 1st Playable.

Dr. Saulnier has been an architect of 1st Playable’s adaptable process, directing new technology efforts and novel design innovations across more than a dozen platforms, providing research guidance and adhering to rigorous entertainment standards over the last twelve years.

Dr. Saulnier is a frequent speaker at industry conferences in the areas of usability, learning game design, and production processes, and has taught workshops in serious game development. Her community service reflects her passion for education, serving on the boards of the Museum of Science and Innovation (miSci), Woodland Hill Montessori School, Emma Willard School, and the International Game Development Association.