Scott Kelly

Scott Kelly

Teacher, Grade 8, Math and Science
The Valleys Sr. Public School

Mathemagician’s Duel

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Scott Kelly is a long-time boardgamer who has been playing family board games for as long as he can remember. At nine years old, he was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons, which provided his first step into a larger world, discovering a greater variety of games. Through his gaming group, he took up miniature wargaming, where he revelled in the creative aspect of writing stories and creating scenarios for the games. This eventually led him to a job at Games Workshop, where he unofficially created games and scenarios for special events.

A mid-life career change brought him into the world of teaching, where he planned to engage students with more games and game-like lessons and learning, all the while developing his own game, Mathemagician’s Duel, to get students to practice mental math. He has been very pleased to see students staying in at lunch time to challenge each other at this game, even outside the tournaments he set up and ran with them. Students choosing to play math-based games, even when they’re not told to do so, but because they enjoy it! Is this living the dream?