Stuart Criley

Stuart Criley

Indelible Learning, Inc.
Game & Instructional Design For Healthcare: Cautionary Tales
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Stuart Criley, MBA, has produced websites and educational programs for academic physicians and the biomedical industry for over 20 years. He has also conducted research and development of new medical interactive technologies, serving as Principal Investigator for a series of grants from the National Institutes of Health on cardiac auscultation teaching software and ECG interpretation.

To evaluate the effectiveness of teaching software, he has coordinated controlled trials at several teaching institutions, and has published results.

This work on virtual patient examinations has resulted in programs that have been licensed to medical and nursing schools worldwide, and is now used for medical licensure and board certification.

He has been teaching over 150 science workshops for 10 years in classes K-12, and creating unique programs with an emphasis on learning games and on gifted students, and has provided professional development on using and building learning games for faculty ranging from primary to graduate schools.

With her passion for teaching and mentorship, Dr. Criley co-founded Indelible Learning, a company that uses technology to place students in the shoes of health and STEM professionals, immersing them with real-world scenarios, and letting them work with actual data to drive decisions.

As a physician specializing in hospital medicine, she has a unique perspective on how health habits developed early in childhood can lead to chronic disease and hospitalization as an adult.