Tom Smith

Tom Smith

Lead Game Designer

Building Fun and Educational Games

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Tom Smith: has been a professional game designer for many many years. He started working in the board game industry before German board games were a thing in America. So he wrote the first American rulebook for Settlers of Catan, single-handedly kicking off a Golden Age of Board Games (not entirely true – many other people did much more than Tom).

Tom Smith then moved into the console videogame industry. Shortly after the release of his first games on the Nintendo 64, the console industry had its largest year ever, only dropping significantly after 2008. (Which might just be a coincidence.)

Around 2008, Tom moved into mobile games, working on games like Where’s My Water? The mobile games industry is now the largest sector of the games industry.

A number of years ago, Tom jumped into educational and assessment games. These haven’t exactly taken over the games industry yet, but give Tom a few more years to work his magic. Tom currently works at Roblox, advising educational projects and building assessment games that are used in the hiring process.