Tom	Carbone

Tom Carbone

Technical Director
University of Central Florida

GameLab: Training Game Developers to Work in Modeling, Simulation, & Training

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Tom Carbone is one of the founders of FIEA and has been its Technical Director since 2005. He received his Ph.D. in Modeling and Simulation from the University of Central Florida, and is actively researching the psychomotor skills of video game players.

Before joining FIEA, Tom was one of the lead programmers on Madden Football, produced by EA at its Orlando-based Tiburon Studios. He is also currently Studio Director of Iron Galaxy Orlando. Prior to joining EA in 2003, he worked for Microsoft Game Studios, Kodiak Interactive, and Sculptured Software Studios. His previous game credits include Amped 2 (XBOX), Inside Pitch Baseball (XBOX), WCW Backstage Assault (N64/PS), WCW Mayhem (N64/PS), Breakaway Hockey (N64/PS), Space Jam (PS/Saturn/PC), MonsterTruck (Genesis) and Tecmo Super Baseball (Genesis).

After graduating from the University of Utah Graduate School of Engineering, Tom helped design the AMRAAM missile for Hughes Aircraft Company in Canoga Park, CA. After a transfer to parent General Motors, he worked on a factory automation project before joining the game industry.